'The Avengers': What Did You Think?

Avengers Poll

By now you're probably recovering from your midnight showing of the ultimate superhero event of the millennium, "The Avengers." Hopefully the coffee has started to kick in and you can finally process all of the awesome that you witnessed last night.

But what did you think? Did seeing Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk and Thor all together on the same screen do it for you? Was the Hulk everything that people hyped him up to be?

The majority of opinions out there for "The Avengers" certainly have been favoring the positive, lest Samuel L. Jackson lash out at you on Twitter. It seems like Joss Whedon and company have delivered on the hopes and dreams of every fanboy and fangirl out there.

At the moment, "The Avengers" stands at #31 on the IMDb list of the top 250 movies of all time. Think about that. According to the ratings on the movie web site, there are only 30 movies that people like more than "The Avengers." Only 30! Granted, "The Avengers" doesn't have nearly as many votes as "The Godfather - Part 2," but an ascent that quick is pretty impressive. Whether it will stay that high is another story. Several films over the past few years have seen a fast climb to the top of the IMDb 250, but eventually fell as more ratings rolled in.

Now, we want to hear what you think. Make your voice heard in the poll below.

Also if you have an interesting take on the film, hit us up in the comments below and over on Twitter to let us know how you felt as the credits rolled.

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