Tom Hiddleston Dissects The Thor-Loki Relationship In 'Avengers'

If there's one bone to pick with "Marvel's The Avengers"—and "Thor" for that matter—it's that the involvement of Thor and Loki is pretty unfair for everyone else. They're demigods, for cryin' out loud.

It just seems like their powers should and would trump all others, no matter the atmospheric conditions or extenuating circumstances. But this is a question for someone with a more extensive Marvel knowledge base, like Tom Hiddleston for example, who unsurprisingly had a perfect explanation for why Loki and Thor are perfect fighting foils.

"I think [Loki's most formidable opponent] has to be Thor in every respect, because he's emotionally invested and so that's a weakness," Hiddleston said.

Hiddleston explained that for Loki to hate Thor so much, he really has to care. "In 'The Avengers' Loki really hates Thor by now, and the thing about love and hate is they are united by passion. That actually is a source of weakness for Loki," he said. "He cares about Thor enough to hate him which means that there's still a power emotionally over his very, very hard heart."

Hiddleston went on to consider another formidable foe, Bruce Banner's very angry alter ego the Incredible Hulk, with whom the God of Mischief shares one of the more memorable scenes in Joss Whedon's triumph of a film.

"But also Loki and the Hulk is kind of an interesting square-off. I think that it's a 'Who can be the most angry contest?' and I'm not sure that Loki comes out winning," he said.

We don't think so either.

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