Lizard Gets His Lab Coat In New 'Amazing Spider-Man' Photos

Lizard Hand

One of the biggest misgivings from fans looking forward to the "Amazing Spider-Man" has to do with a character's wardrobe choices. It may seem silly to some, but many fans of the wall crawler see Dr. Curt Connors' lab coat as essential as Spidey's red and blues.

Early promotional photos and trailers for the Marc Webb-helmed reboot clearly show a mostly nude Lizard, much to hardcore fans' dismay, but the latest official stills of Spider-Man's reptilian nemesis over at Apple have him donning his traditional white lab coat.

Check out the full photo after the jump!

Lizard Lab Coat

The first photo probably comes from a scene soon after the Lizard's initial transformation, before he's able to Hulk out of his lab coat. It's nice to see the classic look make it into the more modern vision of the movie, but as we've seen in the trailers and other photos from the film, it doesn't look like the coat will stay on for most of the movie. Here's the hoping the coat hangs around for longer than one scene.

Lizard Hand

The second photo mostly likely shows the Lizard discovering the identity of Spider-Man. In the trailers, Spider-Man suspends his camera over the waterfall-type thing with a system of webs. If the Lizard finds the camera like that, it wouldn't be too difficult to make the connection between Parker and Spidey. He might want to consider removing the personalized label from his camera.

What do you think of the next photos from "The Amazing Spider-Man"? Are you pro-lab coat or anti-lab coat? Let us know in the comments below and on Twitter!