'Dark Knight Rises' Trailer Commentary Isn't A Car

Have you picked your jaws up off the floor following yesterday's "Dark Knight Rises" trailer? Yeah, we haven't either. We're still salivating over this latest and greatest look at "Rises," a movie that certainly looks like it's going to live up to the very big hype it brings to the table. In fact, you can see just how much we're geeking out in our "Dark Knight Rises" trailer commentary, viewable in the video below.

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For Christopher Nolan's final Batman movie, there's a surprisingly small amount of actual Batman screen-time in this third and final theatrical trailer. Bruce Wayne appears throughout, beaten to bits more often than not. In fact, MTV's Eric Ditzian believes there's a scene showing Bruce in a wheelchair—I'm unconvinced, but there's no question that Bats will feel Bane's pain before the movie's end. The question remains: if Batman hasn't given "everything" to the people of Gotham yet, what more can he really offer? And please don't say his life—I know Nolan isn't afraid to pull that particular trigger, but I'm not emotionally prepared to start writing the Caped Crusader's obituary just yet.


Can you believe it? We can actually understand what Bane's saying! The fact that we know he's "Gotham's reckoning" and not its "rekmummink" is a huge improvement over the IMAX prologue that hit theaters in December. Bane's stepping up his game in ways beyond audio issues, too: his destructive plans remove the bridges of Gotham from existence in the new "Dark Knight" trailer, and his haunting words about Bruce's need to suffer sent chills down our spines.

John Blake

Commissioner Gordon? More like Commissioner Gordon-Levitt! (Thanks for that one, Brian Phares.) Seriously, Jim's presence in the trailer is downplayed significantly compared to the increased screen time for JGL's beat cop John Blake. Little is known about Blake—some people still hold onto the idea that he's Robin in disguise—but it's becoming increasingly clear that he's not just a bit player in the greater "Rises" plan. Blake is a crucial role, it seems, though exactly what part he has to play remains to be seen.


One of the biggest questions hanging over "The Dark Knight Rises" has always centered on Selina Kyle: is she friend or foe? She's been both at multiple points throughout Batman lore, but this time around, it looks like she's leaning more towards the former than the latter. There's a shot of her fighting back-to-back with Batman in the trailer, indicating the two have a common enemy (at least for a time). Besides, it's not like Bruce would just give anybody a ride in his aerial vehicle of choice. Speaking of which…

The Bat

Big shout-out to the new Batwing—simply named The Bat—for looking absolutely badass in the new "Rises" trailer. Not simply a hovercraft that blows Tumblers to smithereens, the new trailer reveals that The Bat is a highly maneuverable mode of transportation. Epic IMAX-scale action scenes are an absolute guarantee with this thing along for the ride.

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