Second 'Avengers' Post-Credits Scene Confirmed


It seems like Robert Downey Jr. wasn't just yanking our chain when he said that the cast of "The Avengers" was going to shoot an extra scene in the movie following the world premiere. And Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige also wasn't really off the mark when he teased that "it's been blown out of proportion." There is a second post-credits moment, and it's not what any of us might have expected.

We won't get into spoilers above the jump, but writer Christopher Campbell confirmed via Twitter yesterday that the screening of "The Avengers" he attended included the second post-credits scene. "Feel bad for any critics who didn't get the second bonus scene at the end of Avengers," he tweeted. "Moviegoers, stay all the way through this weekend!"

Now we're getting into spoiler territory, so readers be warned!

If the first post-credits scene sets up where the plot of future Marvel movies will go from here, the second one shows us the future of the relationship between the Avengers. In the film, there's a funny moment towards the end of the final battle sequence where Iron Man asks if they can all get shawarma after they're done. Well, it turns out they do.

The film's new post-credits scene doesn't contain any dialogue, but shows the entire team sitting down and eating shawarma. According to what Campbell told, it's roughly about a minute long and Mark Ruffalo seems like he's struggling to keep a straight face throughout the scene. There's been an image circulating the Internet that confirms this.

What a great way to round out what's already a fantastic movie! This scene seems like it totally ties together the friendships created in "The Avengers," and is a very Joss Whedon-touch to add. Plus, we can't wait to see the Avengers fully in costume eating at a shawarma joint. Superheroes need to eat too, you know.

Are you surprised that this is the second post-credits scene? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter!