Sharlto Copley Officially Joins 'Oldboy' As Villain

Sharlto Copley

Finally, "Oldboy" has a villain!

After a series of actors balked at the chance to play the maniacal man responsible for locking Josh Brolin's character away for years and years, Sharlto Copley, the breakout star of "District 9," has accepted the offer.

Variety originally reported that the South African actor was the latest actor to receive an offer for the role of Adrian Pryce, but the latest report from Deadline confirms that Copley has accepted the role.

Spike Lee's remake of the Chan-wook Park cult classic has had a long and storied development. Copley became the third actor attached to the role of the villain, after both Colin Firth and Clive Owen passed on it. The actor now joins Brolin and Elizabeth Olsen in the film.

"Oldboy" tells the story of Joe Douchett (Brolin), a man imprisoned without explanation for 15 years. When he is released, he begins his bloody path to revenge against the man responsible.

Those familiar with Park's original film can tell you just how messed up it is (hint: very), but there's no word on how much Spike Lee will have to dial back the violence and sheer gross-out factor. American audiences aren't exactly known for enjoying watching a man eat a live octopus. Yes, it goes there.

Copley, Brolin and Olsen are scheduled to head in front of the camera this September to start filming.

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