'Before Watchmen' Will Be An Intriguing Read For Jackie Earle Haley

Say what you will about DC's plans for the "Watchmen" prequel, "Before Watchmen." Be it a pro or anti-prequel stance, there is undeniable interest in the project, which will supposedly include seven different miniseries starring popular characters from Rorschach to Doctor Manhattan.

MTV News recently caught up with Jackie Earle Haley to see what he thinks about this new spin/perspective on classic characters.

"They're working on a new book right? I don't know that they'd ever make a movie from that. I haven't even really thought about that," Haley said when asked if he'd be game for re-visiting the character during the press day for his latest film, "Dark Shadows." "I just kind of heard about that. I'd certainly love to read that book and see what they did."

Haley went on to say that while he very much enjoyed getting into the strange and wonderful headspace of Rorshach, he doesn't necessarily need to revisit him right away.

"What was funny about Rorshach is that his head space sort of started to invade mine, that guy sorta stuck with me for awhile and I had to shake him off," Haley said. "But he was a real interesting cat to play."

Haley's fellow "Watchmen" cast members have also weighed in on the subject. Jeffrey Dean Morgan has said he finds the concept a "tricky" one, while Matthew Goode has expressed excitement in learning more about that omniscient big shot, Ozymandias.

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