Joss Whedon Explains 'Avengers' Thor And Iron Man Fight Scene

The Avengers

Marvel has released a whole slew of clips from "The Avengers," and one of the coolest showed Thor and Iron Man beating the crap out of each other in the middle of a forest. There's not much context to the scene (though to be fair we don't need much context to enjoy the hell out of it), but director Joss Whedon has decided to step up and give a little backstory to the scene.

In a new clip posted over at Yahoo! Movies (which you can watch after the jump), Whedon explains that there was a lot of thought put into trying to find a way to have his Avengers beat each other up without having it seem forced. As you can see from this clip, he succeeds.

"For me the most important thing was that -- in that fight -- both of them had an agenda that conflicted with the others,'" Whedon said. "That it wasn’t a spell or a case of mistaken identity or something that you're just waiting for them to figure it out. They both really think they need to win and neither of them is totally wrong, and that makes it more than a fight, it makes it a conflict."

The higher ups at Marvel Studios advised Whedon to make sure that the superheroes have a conflict with one another before they become the Avengers. Fans want to see who is the strongest, and who can actually get the heavy lifting done in a time of need. If the actual actors behind the Marvel heroes were to be the ones taking that challenge, Whedon said the true champion would be Chris Hemsworth.

"Chris did most of the heavy lifting here because that's his face. Robert, once you put the armor on, is sitting in his trailer [drinking a cup of tea]," Whedon said. "Chris's physicality and his intensity is extraordinary."

And Thor definitely gets to show off his stuff in this trailer, though he clearly isn't happy about having to fight against someone who is his match. Having the demigod lose his temper was something that Whedon had fun playing around it.

"Thor's losing it. Like, he's really losing his temper by the end of it. He's seeing red. And that explains the escalation of the thing and then it helped me work with Chris to make the fight go somewhere and not just be a series of blows, and it is thrilling," Whedon explained. "One of my favorite all-time gags -- which was by Brian, the storyboard guy for this -- where Iron Man head butts Thor, and Thor head butts him back. Now to be head butting a guy with a helmet on? That's badass."

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