The Final 'Dark Knight Rises' Theatrical Trailer Arrives

If silence is acceptance, we fully accept the new "Dark Knight Rises" trailer. The end result of one of the Batman's infamous viral marketing games, the third and final theatrical trailer for Christopher Nolan's final dance with the Bat is everything you would want it to be and more.

What's so excellent about the new trailer, you ask? Join us after the jump — we'll tell you!

» The dearth of noise throughout the new "Dark Knight Rises" trailer is, as my colleague Kevin Sullivan pointed out to me earlier, a wonderful antidote to all the "Inception" inspired BWAM-BWAM-BWAM sounds heard in trailers lately. Kudos to Nolan for dialing it back and letting the imagery speak for itself.

» Much more Selina Kyle. Whether or not she goes by Catwoman is still a mystery, but it's becoming increasingly clear that Anne Hathaway's feline fatale is more friend than foe to Christian Bale's caped crusader. Plus, she's on the receiving end of one of Bale's all-time greatest Batman growls: "It's not a car!!!"

» Bane's voice! You can actually understand the guy! It's no longer a question of understanding what he's saying, but whether or not you like the sound of his voice. That's not something that's going to change in ADR—Bane's accent is here to stay. At least you can make out the words he's saying, a leaps and bounds improvement over the way things were just a few short months ago.

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