'Men In Black 3' Viral Campaign Goes Dumpster Diving


The latest clue in the quest to prove the Men In Black suits are real has been uncovered.

Investigative blogger BugEyes126 followed the trail from the Baskin Robbins "Pink Surprise Cake" to Clive's Tattoo Parlor. The shop was closed for business and didn't look like it was likely to be reopened any time soon, so he headed around back to see if he could find out anything else from the dumpster. Sometimes being a good journalist requires taking a dive into someone else's trash.

And the stunt paid off! There, BugEyes126 found a whole bunch of trash from Baskin Robbins as well as a very strange looking device that seemed to have been used to extract the insides from the cakes. That raises the question: What was Clive putting in the cakes?

It's also worth noting that BugEyes126 found a sticky note with the name "Boris the Animal" written on it. We already know that Boris is the big bad this time around, so it will be interesting to see what his connection to Clive is.

You can find out more about BugEyes126's journey on Facebook and his blog. We're still waiting for some ridiculous twist in this case, like BugEyes126 being an alien himself or -- even more scary -- a younger version of Agent K. We'll be tuning in to find out what else BugEyes126 can dig up before "Men in Black 3" hits theaters May 25.

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