'Chronicle 2' Will Move Forward Without Josh Trank, Writer Says


"Chronicle 2" is moving forward, but it might be doing so without director Josh Trank.

In an interview with tbreak, screenwriter Max Landis offered some updates about the status of "Chronicle 2." Turns out he's busy writing away, and the folks at Fox are generally supportive of the story he's creating for the sequel to this year's surprise hit. Unfortunately, Landis also said that Trank is likely too busy to work on the movie.

"Probably not," Landis said when asked if Trank would return. "Josh is all over the place with other projects. I’m also all over the place with other projects, but ‘Chronicle’ is really my baby. Josh will probably be involved in some respect but right now I just want to get the script done."

Trank is awful busy right now, working on an adaptation of "Red Star," negotiating for a "Venom" stand alone movie and potentially being involved in a "Fantastic Four" reboot. Landis is also busy, but we're glad to hear he's so dedicated to "Chronicle 2." In fact, he said he was writing scenes for the flick as recently as the morning of the tbreak interview.

It turns out that Matt Garetty (Alex Russell) will be at the center of "Chronicle 2." We expressed our concerns with this plot angle before, but if there's anyone who will make it work, it will be Landis. And if he's to be believed, the sequel won't be very kind to Matt.

"I loved Matt, and I felt really bad for him because I understood just how emotionally lazy he is and how he doesn’t really do what he’s doing. And that’s why I’m putting him through hell in '[Chronicle] 2,'" Landis said.

He added that there's no coming back from the events that took place in "Chronicle."

"The movie you saw ['Chronicle'] in the sequel, is a thing. That edited footage... is a thing," Landis said. "So it’s not like ‘we found this footage after this kids died’. You can’t deny cars being thrown in the air in Seattle. You saw all those helicopters. The world changed. That’s the end of 'Chronicle.' And things are going to be different now. They can’t possibly cover up what happened."

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