'Kick-Ass 2' Filming This Summer With New Director?

"Kick-Ass 2" might be coming sooner than we expected, if Mark Millar is to be believed.

The comic book writer took to his Millarworld Productions website to offer some updates on the upcoming "Kick-Ass" sequel. According to him, the next installment of Kick-Ass' superhero saga starts shooting very soon.

"Kick-Ass 2 films this Summer. I expect there will be an announcement of some sort in the next week. Certainly before Kapow next month for sure," Millar wrote on his Millar Hour thread. "Matthew [Vaughn] is co-writing and producing, Kick-Ass being a labour of love for him. He selected the perfect director last year and we’re very, very happy. Trust him… he knows what he’s doing."

Bleeding Cool backs up Millar's claims: according to a report on the site, work has been done on a second "Kick-Ass" film and a new director and writer have been selected.

In addition to the "Kick-Ass" update, Millar also shared the current statuses on his other adaptations, including "Supercrooks," "American Jesus" and "Secret Service." It sounds like the comic book writer has quite a busy 2012 coming up.

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