Exclusive: 'Avengers' Grab Seats For 'Superhero Musical Chairs'

Hulk Smash

Last week, the folks behind "Ask Deadpool," writer Emily Whitten and artist Marc Vuletich, brought us the first part of "'Avengers' Take Hollywood," and Earth Mightiest Heroes prepared to check out all the Marvel Studios movies in a row with the help of "The Marathon Survival Kit."

In part two, "Superhero Musical Chairs," the Avengers need a little help picking seats, and Deadpool is not making it easy for anyone.

We'll have one more exclusive comic from "'Avengers' Take Hollywood." Come back next week for the stirring conclusion, and check out "Superhero Musical Chairs" after the jump!

About The Authors

Emily Whitten is an unabashed comic book fan and genre geek who's been writing since childhood. She enjoys Discworld books, candlelit discussions of Deadpool's tortured psyche, and long walks at fan conventions. This is her seventh published comic, and she is proud to share that her first comic script ever provoked intense editorial debate over whether or not it was okay to show Deadpool shooting Green Lantern in the head. Previous comics and her (unofficial) writings and tweets as Deadpool can be found at http://askdeadpool.wordpress.com/ and @Ask_Deadpool.

Most people would say Marc Vuletich is not your typical fan boy. In fact, some may worry that his enthusiasm for Deadpool borders on obsession (but who’s to say showering with a Deadpool mask is wrong?). He has been illustrating comic strips for nearly 10 years. His commitment to staying true to Deadpool’s character has led to his large Deadhead following on deviantart.com. For Marc, the best part about drawing comics is making people laugh…even if it kills them. Marc's work can be seen at Scarletvulture.deviantart.com and Vulture34.deviantart.com.

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