'Axe Cop' Cartoon Series Coming To Fox

by Ryan Rigley

Bad guys beware! The greatest comic ever written (by a 5 year old) is coming to Fox's "Animation Domination," a Saturday late-night animation block slated to begin early next year. Already acquiring the rights to "Axe Cop," Fox plans on ordering six 15-minute episodes of the series which will run both on air and online, reports Variety.

"Axe Cop" is the brain-child of two brothers: Malachai Nicolle, who was just 5 years old when the series began, and Ethan Nicolle, who was 29. The series revolves around a cop (with an axe) and his many exceptionally bizarre companions as they fight "bad guys" and save the world. These companions include, but are not limited to, Flute Cop, Ghost Cop, Telescope Gun Cop, Uni-Baby, Uni-Man, Baby Man, and Wexter, a flying dinosaur with machine gun arms.

Clearly, this isn't your ordinary comic book. For example, Axe Cop, whose catchphrase is "I'll chop your head off," has only one function in life: to kill bad guys. He will not rest so long as there are bad guys with heads that need to be chopped off. Like literally, he will not rest. At night, he sneaks around in a cat suit and kills bad guys in their sleep. Talk about commitment!

Nick Weidenfeld, former Adult Swim exec turned head of Animation Domination, has had his eye on the "Axe Cop" property for quite a while now. "It's rare that you find something that feels both so new in its tone and content but also so fully formed," Weidenfeld reveals about the comic. "To me it was very clear that 'Axe Cop' has potential to be a larger franchise."

With "Axe Cop" being the first official series project for Animation Domination, Weidenfeld hopes to acquire at least three more properties before the proposed launch early next year. But first, he needs to find a writer who can successfully adapt the wacky world of "Axe Cop" for television.

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