'Avengers' Art Show Assembles At Gallery 1988


What's better than the fact that "Marvel's The Avengers" is less than two weeks away from hitting theaters? Trick question: nothing is better than that. But this news comes close, especially for you California-based readers out there.

Disproving the notion that the west coast is where Avengers go to die, Los Angeles' very own Gallery 1988 will be hosting an officially licensed art show all about Earth's mightiest heroes over the course of the film's opening weekend. From May 3 through May 6, you can head to Gallery 1988 to see the "Avengers" Assemble exhibit featuring art from Rhys Cooper, Scott Campbell, Fernando Reza and more.

Seeing is believing, of course, so check out some select highlights from the "Avengers" art exhibit after the break!

Between the Mondo posters and now the Gallery 1988 exhibit, the amount of drooling over all the sweet, sweet "Avengers" art could probably hydrate the moon. Awesome stuff. Huge thanks to Slash Film for pointing this out.

Will you be checking out the "Avengers" Assemble art show? Tell us what you're planning in the comments section or hit us up on Twitter!