Charlize Theron Joins 'Apes' Director's 'Agent 13'

Charlize Theron

Rupert Wyatt's "Agent 13" has finally found a home and a leading lady. The adaptation of the 1988 comic book has been in development for a little over a year, and Universal has now claimed the project as its own after an intense bidding war over the weekend. Even more exciting is the news that Charlize Theron will play the female lead.

The Hollywood Reporter has the news and has been following the developments on the project ever since it started being shopped around Hollywood last Wednesday. Few details are known about the flick, but it has been said that it will have a male lead and that Theron will play a different role.

The comic that the film is based on is said to have had "post-modern pulp overtones," so it seems safe to assume that Theron could end up playing one of its femme fatales. It wouldn't be the first time she's played a character of that ilk, and it seems like she could have fun in this role.

"Agent 13" was a series of three novels that were later turned into two graphic novels. The series follows an organization called The Brotherhood that is supposed to be comprised of remnants from the lost civilization of Lemuria. Though the original goal of The Brotherhood was to guide the development of the world, it soon became clear that the organization was corrupted and that the goal had changed to world domination.

Agent 13 was a young kidnapped boy who had his memories erased by The Brotherhood and who was raised to be one of their top operatives. Once he learned of its true nature, though, he set out to take down the organization. Theron could play one of his two female sidekicks: China White, his seductive lover, or Maggie Darr, his beautiful close friend.

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