'Lobo' Targets 'Journey 2' Director Brad Peyton

Cigar-chomping, butt-kicking Lobo has been hurtling towards the big screen for many, many years now. Guy Ritchie was attached to direct the DC Comics adaptation at one point, but he's been off the project for more than two years now. The last update we'd received was in June 2010, when producer Joel Silver expressed his desire for "Lobo" to be a 3-D movie. That would require "Lobo" to be a movie at all, of course, which itself would require a new director.

Well, a solution appears to have been found on that final point: according to Deadline, "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island" filmmaker Brad Peyton is the man for the job. Peyton "has been set by Warner Bros to rewrite and direct" the live-action take on "Lobo," a choice that's sure to raise a whole bunch of eyebrows.

"Journey 2," a movie that I actually enjoyed a good amount, isn't exactly a great example of what a faithful "Lobo" movie should look like. The Dwayne Johnson and Josh Hutcherson-starring adventure film is decidedly family-friendly fair, a tone that's far from in line with the "Lobo" comics fans know and love. The alien bounty hunter is vulgar and violent at all turns, and isn't someone likely to break out the pec pop of love, unless it culminates with Lobo popping a berry straight through an enemy's brain.

On the other hand, this might work. Looking past a campy plot designed for kids, "Journey 2" has some great visual storytelling and performances to boot—particularly from Johnson, a great candidate to play the man himself. If Peyton brings his "Journey" strengths to the table (particularly The Rock as Lobo) and shelves the kid-friendly elements in the process, it could be a fun time at the movies. But if Warner Bros. is thinking about a PG-rated "Lobo" movie for the young'uns… whew, do we have a problem here.

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