'Avengers'-'Dark Knight' Showdown, Plus David 8 Rules All In Talk Nerdy!

by Joel Hanek

This summer could not be any more exciting for comic book fans. The Avengers finally assemble, "Dark Knight" sees his final chapter, and it marks the two year anniversary since we've forgotten "Jonah Hex."

Once again, Marvel and DC will face off —but this time at the box office (Hey, remember the 90's when this happened?) Will "Avengers" be able to break the $158 million opening box office bar set by "Dark Knight" in 2008? Or will Nolan top himself again with "Dark Knight Rises"?

With an ever shrinking production timeframe, director Francis Lawrence has been chosen to helm the "Hunger Games" follow-up "Catching Fire." Although he has a diverse pedigree ("I Am Legend" and "Water for Elephants") some of our experts think they'll miss Gary Ross a little too much.

Finally, Michael Fassbender has put his clothes back on and crossed back from the indie-sphere to the nerd-sphere by starring in the incredibly sleek and awesome looking "Prometheus" viral videos.

Do you agree with our experts? Will "Avengers" top "Dark Knight"? Is Francis Lawrence the right choice? How awesome is David 8, awesome or awesome? Let us know in the comments, or hit us up on Twitter!