'Dark Knight' Versus 'Avengers': Who Will Be The Box Office Champ?

by Joel Hanek

Will The Avengers be the ones to break The Bat? That’s what analysts are suggesting!

With less than a month before its hotly anticipated theatrical release, pre-ticket sales and buzz for the film are setting the stage for Marvel’s mightiest heroes to top "The Dark Knight's" opening weekend record. Individually, “Captain America,” “Thor” and “Iron Man” have all had solid debuts, with “Iron Man 2” having the strongest opening at $128 million. But that’s still $30 million short of the Caped Crusader. Can the assembled Avengers surpass Nolan’s iconic franchise? Toppling the whopping $158 million that “Dark Knight” raked in over a July weekend in 2008 won’t be an easy feat - but not necessarily an unattainable one.

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As our resident box-office numbers guy, Talk Nerdy panelist Eric Ditzian pointed out that only a month ago, “Hunger Games” came just shy of the Batman's record with an impressive opening weekend box office of $152 million. With all the different factors of IMAX, 3-D, and legacy, our experts break down the box office battle in this week's Talk Nerdy:

But what do you think? Will "Avengers" beat "Dark Knight," and will "Dark Knight Rises" beat them all? Let us know in the poll below!