'Avengers' Marvel Legends Trailer, Fury's Seven Unleashed In Today's Tights


We love "The Avengers." We love action figures. You already know how much we love "The Avengers" and action figures together, but our love is even greater today thanks to a new fan-made video that recuts a previous "Avengers" trailer using Marvel Legends action figures with cameos aplenty. Quick spoiler alert: Vision makes everything better.

Watch the toy-studded trailer and get a whole lot more in today's edition of Tights!

» You've seen The Bat in photos, you've (briefly) seen The Bat in motion via trailers. Now get an even longer look at Batman's new aerial mode of transportation, by way of a new product review from Time to Play. [via Superhero Hype]

» Speaking of action figures, here's that "Avengers" trailer mentioned up above. [Topless Robot]

» In further video goodness, Superhero Hype has posted two exclusive clips from the "Iron Man" and "X-Men" anime DVDs hitting stores soon. Go check 'em out here.

» Not a fan of that "Ninja Turtles" reboot, are you? You would be if it was anywhere near as adorable as this. [Super Punch]

» Last but not least, we return to Earth's mightiest heroes, and this fantastic poster from Timothy Lim that should absolutely be a part of the official "Avengers" marketing campaign. [Robot 6]

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