Earth's Mightiest Dinosaurs Assemble In Today's Tights

Dino Cap

What if "The Avengers" weren't just superheroes... what if they were dinosaurs, too? Robert Kirkman would have some serious "Super Dinosaur" competition all of the sudden! It's kind of a ridiculous alternate reality to consider, but artist Terryl Whitlatch considered it so hard that he brought the possibilities to life faster than you can say "Meteors, Assemble!"

Get a look at Dino Cap, plus read more about Shia LaBeouf's fledgling comic book career in today's edition of Tights.

» Some people are not big fans of Shia LaBeouf's recently launched career as a comic book writer and illustrator. Our friends at MTV Geek have written a defense of the actor-turned-artist, while Rolling Stone has an interview with Shia that shines some more light on his goals in comics.

» What's "Iron Man 3" going to be like? It won't be what you expect, Kevin Feige tells ABC News. Hopefully that means it's still going to be awesome, because we're definitely expecting that.

» Elsewhere on MTV, our very own Josh Horowitz tackles the subject of spoilers through the lens of "Avengers." Having just been spoiled on a big "Avengers" plot point myself, I can't say I agree with everything he says, but it's well worth a read all the same.

» Speaking of "Avengers" spoilers, you know who is adamantly against them? Clark Gregg, Agent Coulson himself! He tweeted to his fans: "Crap. Trying again...don't tweet #Avengers spoilers or I will have the Hulk smash you into Hulk pulp. #Truefansdontspoil."

» Last but very far from least, we proudly present "The Avengers" as dinosaurs. Awesome. [ via Robot 6]

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