Mondo Debuts 'Avengers' Poster Series With Black Widow And Hawkeye

Hawkeye Mondo

How could a movie event like the "Avengers" pass without Mondo doing some of their signature badass posters for it? Thankfully, we're not just getting one poster for Marvel's soon-to-be blockbuster. We're getting seven.

The Austin-based poster boutique has made a brand new series of posters for the big Marvel release, and the Huffington Post gave us a look at the first two, which single out the characters Black Widow and Hawkeye.

Check out the full posters after the jump!

The poster for Black Widow by Olly Moss works off a minimalistic design reminiscent of a retro James Bond look. A smoking gun subtly forms a silhouette of Scarlett Johansson's profile. It also features the tagline "From Russia… with guns!"

Black Widow Mondo

Hawkeye's poster takes a different approach to profile Jeremy Renner's character. The sheet features three different illustrations of the famed archer in an art deco style.

Hawkeye Mondo

The Black Widow print goes on sale on April 19 with only 320 available, and the Hawkeye one hits the next day with only 220 for sale.

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