'Avengers' Bests 'Dark Knight Rises' For Most Anticipated Summer Movie


Sorry Batman, but it's "The Avengers" that earned top billing in Fandango's "Most Anticipated Summer Movie Survey."

Survey participants pegged the upcoming Marvel ensemble superhero flick as their number one movie of the summer. Thirty-one percent of all men voting said it was the film they were most looking forward to, with 16 percent of all women feeling the same.

"The Dark Knight Rises," by comparison, earned 23 percent of the men's votes and 10 percent of the women's. It's interesting to note that "The Avengers" came in second place for women, losing to "Snow White and the Huntsman" which had 22 percent of the vote. At least Chris Hemsworth must be proud.

On the men's side, "The Bourne Legacy" came in third place at 14 percent, "Men in Black 3" in fourth at 8 percent and "Prometheus" in fifth at 7 percent. For women, "Men in Black 3" came in third place at 13 percent and "Dark Shadows" rounded out the top five with 8 percent. None of these come as that big of a shock, though Sony must not be too pleased that "The Amazing Spider-Man" didn't place on either list.

With so many big movies coming out this year, I'm of a mind that people are distracted by release dates. "The Avengers" comes out in a little over two weeks while "The Dark Knight Rises" is more than three months away, so that could have something to do with the discrepancy. If all of these movies were to come out the same day, the percentages might be a bit different.

Still, "The Avengers" is tracking for a huge opening weekend, and everything we've heard about the film says that the buzz is justified. Having "The Avengers" be as much of a success as we're expecting is a huge accomplishment for Marvel and Disney, and could change how stories are told on the big screen. After all, we typically don't see many standalone movies that lead up to one ensemble flick released. It was a big gamble for Marvel, and we're glad to see that it will likely pay off.

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