New 'Spider-Man' Posters, Marc Webb Interview Swing Into Action


"The Avengers" aren't the only Marvel superheroes worth getting excited over this coming summer. There's also the big-screen reboot of your friendly neighborhood web-slinger to consider: "The Amazing Spider-Man," from "(500) Days of Summer" director Marc Webb.

Today brings a double whammy of Spider-Man goodness: up first is a new international poster for the film, which you can see a little bit of above you, while the full enchilada hangs past the jump. The second awesome Spidey thing: we spoke with Webb as part of our ongoing Summer Movie Preview week! The filmmaker had a lot to say about going 3-D with the new "Spider-Man," the one thing he wanted to preserve from the Sam Raimi/Tobey Maguire era, and much more.

My favorite portion of the interview, though? Webb's thoughts on what makes Andrew Garfield perfect for Peter Parker. He spoke about the humor and drama the "Social Network" star was able to bring to the role, but also his obsession over Spider-Man's physicality...

"Beyond that, he brought something to the table that I'd thought about in the abstract but never really figured out exactly how to achieve: How does Spider-Man move? How do you make that character and the identity flow throughout the movement of Spider-Man? He became obsessed with that, looking at how spiders move. He had an idea — which we didn't end up doing — where we built up the knuckles in the suit, so that they would arch like they do in the comic books. He became really infatuated with those details from the comics and how spider DNA would actually take over the body of a human. His spider-sense gives him a sense of space that normal humans don't have, an agility most people don't have. It became a real method style of being Spider-Man, which is something you don't see very often. And when you wanted that levity and you wanted that humor, he had that. It's such a rare combination."

Click here for the full interview, and check back in with Splash Page throughout the week for more from Webb.

Oh, and the poster! Right this way...

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