David Slade's 'Daredevil' Update: There Is No Update

"30 Days of Night" and "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" director David Slade has been attached to "Daredevil" for more than a year. Since then, we've learned that the movie would take cues from Frank Miller's immensely popular "Born Again" comics. "Fringe" writer Brad Caleb Kane came on board the project last June. Some casting rumors have been floated around as well, most notably one that put "Twilight" vamp Robert Pattinson in the all-red tights. But no official casting yet. Not a whole lot of recent news to speak of at all, really.

And there's apparently a reason for that.

On Twitter, Slade revealed that "there is no real Daredevil update" as yet, with the development process "going slow" at the moment. Though the details behind the film's current status are, in Slade's words, "too boring to print," the director said that most of his time is currently being spent developing "Hannibal," the television adaptation of everyone's favorite man-eating serial killer.

Interested though I am in "Hannibal," I'm much more invested in seeing Daredevil hit the big screen again, done properly this time. I think Slade has all of the right ingredients to make that happen. It's a shame that the forces of filmmaking-nature have gotten in the way of his "Daredevil" movie, but with any luck, that "Hannibal" pilot will chug right along and he'll have a chance to embrace the Man Without Fear once again.

Thanks to Comic Book Movie for pointing this out.

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