Aaron Eckhart Looks Like Post-Surgery Harvey Dent In First 'I, Frankenstein' Set Photo

Harvey Dent is dead. Long live... Frankenstein?

Just because his ill-fated Assistant District Attorney died at the hands of — well, exactly whose hands remains a matter of debate I suppose, but the hands of somebody in "The Dark Knight," doesn't mean that Aaron Eckhart's days of working in the comic book movie world are behind him. Not by a longshot.

Indeed, Bruce Campbell's chief rival for the annual Greatest Chin in Hollywood award is fully submerged in the paneled pool once again with "I, Frankenstein," based on the comic book by "Underworld" actor Kevin Grevioux. The film has been shooting in Australia for some time now, and now we've got a first look at Eckhart in full Frankenstein makeup on the set of director Stuart Beattie's new flick.

Click the photo below to see it in full.

Definitely scarred up, definitely disfigured, but far from the big green mumbling monster we're most used to seeing on the big screen. No, Eckhart's monster looks more like the intelligent creature of the original "Frankenstein" novel, albeit considerably more fashionable. Seriously, this guy knows how to dress!

(P.S. I'm not the only one quietly rooting for this to be a "Dark Knight" spinoff where Harvey got a serious skin graft, moved to Australia and started unleashing his own brand of justice on the bad folks down under, am I?)

Big thanks to Superhero Hype for the pic.

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