'Avengers' Stars Debate Strangest Internet Rumors

If you've been following every. single. detail. about "Marvel's The Avengers" like we have, you've very likely stumbled upon an Internet-generated plot rumor or two that seems particularly ridiculous, even more so than the endless Skrull/alien army debate.

We thought it would be fun to cull together a list of plot rumors via the stars themselves, so when MTV News caught up with the cast at last week's world premiere, we asked them to name a few of the most outlandish rumors and/or speculation they'd heard about the plot since being associated with the film.

"I think the whole 'which alien race' debate that I believe will still be going on after I've died of extreme old age, which will probably be next month, that for me was sort of odd," admitted writer/director Joss Whedon. "We said right up front, 'It's not any of those guys,' and they were like, 'Oh it is! It is!' We didn't lie."

"What was the most outrageous rumor? That Coulson was actually a Romulan princess," laughed Tom Hiddleston. "I thought that was hilarious. What else was there? I just remember trying to keep it secret because I knew all the secrets, the identity of Loki's army for example, which everybody wanted to know."

Scarlett Johansson recalled a few extra characters that she heard people thought would be thrown into the mix.

"There were characters that were supposed to be in it that people said were in it like Moon and I think there was a Ms. Marvel rumor, I can't remember," she said. "But they were all kind of character rumors more than plot rumors."

Clark Gregg, aka Agent Coulson, admitted that he helped fuel some of the rumor-spreading flames himself.

"There was a lot of theories about who Coulson was, like 'Is he really a Skrull?' There were a whole bunch of theories and I started to take those on a little bit," he said with a smile. "I didn't want to reveal anything but [I'd say things like], 'He might be a Romulan,' things from Star Trek just to mess with 'em."

What is the most outrageous 'Avengers' plot rumor you've heard? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter!