'Avengers' Action Figures Leave Us Hulking Out


"Avengers" action figures and other assorted awesome merchandise, assemble!

Not a week goes by without something significantly amazing swinging through Splash Page headquarters, and this week's no exception. Today, courtesy of Hasbro and the fine lads at Hunter PR, we're now the proud owners of some mighty new "Avengers" toys, including a brand new set of Hulk hands and his mean green mug to match. Just look at how nicely MTV Movies editorial assistant Kevin P. Sullivan rocks the Jade Giant's stuff in the pic above!

Keep reading for some more photos and info on our latest haul of "Avengers" spoils.

» The S.H.I.E.L.D. authorized package that first arrived on our doorstep...

» ...contained these four figures of Captain Steve Rogers, Thor, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, clockwise from top left.

» Here, a closer look at four of Earth's mightiest heroes. Beneath them, we found a few other goodies, including...

» ...a 10-inch "Avengers" Ultimate Heroes version of Iron Man, alongside one of ol' Shellhead's Tri-Power Repulsors.

» Last but not least, an up close look at the "Avengers" Hero Hulk mask and "Avengers" Hulk Gamma Green Smash Fists. As Talk Nerdy co-host Brian Phares pointed out, the Hulk mask looks less like Mark Ruffalo and a bit more like a William H. Macy take on the character, but the idea of a world where Macy plays the incredible menace is something I'm more than okay with.

Once again, big thanks to Hasbro and Hunter PR for all the great toys! Now to figure out how we're going to get any work done over the next three weeks...

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