Nathan Fillion Meets Iron Man, Batman Begins Badly In Today's Tights

Why isn't Nathan Fillion part of the "Avengers" squad? He's a Joss Whedon veteran, a fan-favorite among the geek crowd, and a perfect pick for plenty of Earth's mightiest heroes, like the oft-rumored Hank Pym. Alas, Fillion's "Avengers" casting was not meant to be (not yet at least), but that doesn't mean you can't see him face off against Iron Man. In fact, you'll see exactly that if you keep reading this week's Tights. (Hooked you, didn't I?)

Find Fillion versus Stark, an update on "Iron Man 3" extras casting and a false start for Batman, when you put your Tights on past the jump.

» Being Batman has never been easy, but it was really tricky for Bruce Wayne to get a handle on it all when first starting out. [Topless Robot]

» "Afterburn," the upcoming comic book movie starring Gerard Butler, now has a director: Tommy Wirkola, best known for Norwegian zombie movie "Dead Snow" and the upcoming "Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters." [Heat Vision]

» Emily Blunt didn't want to be Black Widow, nor did she want to be Peggy Carter. But really, who could say no to hanging out on the set of a Tom Cruise movie for a few months? Not Blunt, apparently, as she'll star opposite the "Mission Impossible" actor in the upcoming sci-fi flick "All You Need Is Kill." [Variety]

» And now, the reason you're here: Nathan Fillion (as Richard Castle) meets Tony Stark, a very "Castle" way of promoting the upcoming "Avengers." We're all better for having this in our universe. Take a look.

» Finally, while we're on the subject of "Iron Man," there's a casting call out there seeking a very specific kind of extras for the threequel. Take a look here.

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