Samuel L. Jackson Enjoyed 'Avengers' Scenes With Loki Most

When working with such a large number of talented actors in "The Avengers," choosing a favorite to interact with would have to be difficult for Samuel L. Jackson.

MTV News spoke with the actor on the red carpet premiere for the superhero meet-up, and Jackson said he had fun hamming it up with the bad guy. "I spend the most time talking to Cobie [Smulders] and Coulson (Clark Gregg), I enjoy," he said. "I had a really good time hanging out with Loki, actually. We had some good scenes together."

After five movies spent mostly showing up after the end credits, Jackson's character Nick Fury finally gets his due. The first batch of Marvel movies involved Fury rounding everyone available superhero up for something he called the Avengers Initiative. Part of what Jackson enjoyed so much about the newest film was that his intentions and the motivation behind Fury were finally explored.

"I just like that finally we find out what the Avengers Initiative is and why he really wants these superheroes to come and be around us," Jackson said. "We also find out about the straight and manipulative nature of Nick Fury and how he can get things to go his way."

With superhero movies, especially within the Marvel universe, there's always the question of the "next one." Jackson said he would be more than open to returning to the role of Nick Fury in the future. "I'm looking forward to the next one," he said.

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