'Sabrina The Teenage Witch' Becomes A Superhero

When you think of "Sabrina the Teenage Witch," does the word "superhero" ever cross your mind? We didn't think so. Witch, magic, Aunt Hilda, her talking cat, Salem? Of course! But superhero? Never. Well, that's all about to change.

Sony Pictures is giving "Sabrina" a superhero makeover, Deadline reports (talk about secret identity). What started as a comic from Archie Comics and evolved into a hit seven season TV series is now being turned into a live action film. The story will follow Sabrina as a young girl as she navigates life with her supernatural powers. Deadline describes the film as "edgier" and says Salem will still play a big role in the movie, but this time as a prince who was transformed into the black cat. For all you romantics out there, it looks like Salem will not only be her confidant, but love interest as well.

Don Murphy and Susan Montford ("Real Steel") are set to produce the film, while Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari who previously wrote "Die in a Gunfight" are penning the script. The director is still uncertain, but Mark Waters ("Mean Girls") worked on the presentation to Sony and may direct depending on his schedule.

In a statement about Sony Pictures heading up the project, Murphy and Montford said, "We mentioned it in a meeting to Amy Pascal who chimed in 'I'm the little witch girl.' From then on we knew it was the right home."

And as far as casting for the beloved teenage witch? They're hoping to discover a relatively unknown actress. It's plausible due to the popularity of the story.

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