'Avengers' World Premiere Gets 'Double Plus Awesome' Reviews From Celebrities, Journalists

Release those deep breaths, people: a very lucky select few have now officially seen "Marvel's The Avengers," and based on Twitter reactions, the response is overwhelmingly positive. Celebrities and journalists who attended last night's "Avengers" world premiere were allowed to tweet their first impressions of the film, and I've yet to come across anything that's not at least a favorable review, if not a full-blown geekgasm. Here's one example from Seth Green:

So, yeah, that's a big relief! We'll have more "Avengers" goodness throughout the day, but I thought we'd kick things off with some very good news. Speaking of good things, we were on the "Avengers" red carpet as well. Check out our interviews past the jump!

We spoke with Joss Whedon about choreographing the big "Avengers" battles, which came with no shortage of challenges.

"The big challenge was a) not to let it be generic, for it to be something we haven't seen before, but mostly to remember everybody's skill set," Whedon said at the film's red-carpet premiere on Wednesday. "The fight choreographer might come up with something where Hawkeye, Captain America and Thor are all doing the same thing and it's like, 'Well no, they all have very different levels of power,' and to sort of honor that reality for each one of them."

"We all took a pretty big beating," Scarlett Johansson told us about all the fighting, and who got hurt the most on set. "I would have to say either [Black] Widow or Hawkeye (played by Jeremy Renner). We're on the ground so we're fighting hand-to-hand and it hurts."

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