Donald Glover Responds To 'Ninja Turtles' Fan Support

Last week, one Splash Page reader tweeted that he'd like to see "Community"'s Donald Glover in the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" reboot. "Donald Glover as Donatello. Spread the word..." wrote @CinematicESP, and we had to take his Twitter handle seriously.

Not only did we spread the word, we put the question to Glover himself. Glover told MTV News that he had heard about a tweet, but he mentioned that he actually preferred a different turtle.

Not to slight Donatello, Glover said that he prefers "Raphael. I think he's cool," he said. "I mean, Donatello's cool too, but all the stories about him were never that great."

Glover sees himself enjoying a tougher role a little more. "I guess I could be rude like Raphael is in the opening sequence of the animated series," Glover said. "That's his thing, right? Raphael is cool but rude. He was always the angsty one."

The role of Raphael comes with a lot more conflict built into it, too, Glover explained. "He and Leonardo was always an alpha male-omega male kind of thing, where they would fight each other a lot because Leonardo was deemed the leader, the oldest," he said. "But Raphael always wanted that title, and Splinter was always trying to break that up. Michelangelo is like 'Stop fighting.' He's the omega male. He's the one they all beat up to get their frustrations out."

Glover's main problem with Donatello is that he's the one no one gets really excited about. "That's the thing. Donatello was kind of left out in the cold. He's kind of the middle kid," he said. "He was the smart one. He solved the problems, but that's not interesting. Nobody wants to be Professor X. No, everyone wants to be Wolverine. I want to be cool, not smart."

That isn't to say Glover would turn down the role of Donatello. "Let's be honest. If someone said, 'Oh, you want to be Donatello?' Yeah, I'll take that. I'm not going to be like, 'No, I'm holding out for Raphael.'"

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