Catwoman Gets A Gun, 'Avengers' Get A TV Spot In Today's Tights

Anne Hathaway's Catwoman is getting some strong attention today thanks to a new "Dark Knight Rises" interview posted earlier, as well as a big new piece of art that lurks beyond in these here Tights. Joining her are a brand new "Avengers" TV spot, a fresh look at Loki's army, and more.

You know what to do, people. Get your Tights on and meet us after the jump!

» Hello there, brand new "Avengers" TV spot! What a wonderful way to compliment our exclusive "Avengers" clip from earlier today. (You saw that, right?) Thanks to Marvel for the video.

» We still don't know the precise identity of Loki's alien allies in "Avengers," but we're getting closer and closer to an answer. Today, another good look at these guys in action figure form, care of Action Figure Insider.

» Yesterday it was announced that Lauren Cohan was getting a series regular upgrade on "Walking Dead." One other actor has also been boosted, while another oft-derided player remains stuck in recurring territory. Find out who we're talking about over at TV Line.

» Speaking of "Walking Dead," wanna know how to survive a zombie apocalypse? Blastr's got the tips you need!

» Last but not least, a brand new look at Ms. Selina Kyle, courtesy of Comic Book Resources! Can't say I'm wild about the gun, though...

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