Exclusive 'Avengers' Clip: Five Secrets Revealed

For all of you who've gone around using "We have a Hulk" in your arguments lately, well, now you have some context to back up your claims.

MTV News premiered a brand new exclusive clip from "Marvel's The Avengers" today, showcasing the intense war of words between Tony Stark and Loki previously seen only in trailers. As expected, Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Hiddleston score an A+ for their work in the scene, with Joss Whedon snagging extra points for gifting these guys with his signature quippy dialogue. It's great stuff, and well worth a watch if you haven't done so already.

Just like the Black Widow clip and the Nick Fury-Maria Hill exchange, this "Avengers" clip is packed with moments worth dissecting. In fact, there are at least five significant details revealed in the new scene. Check out what we noticed after the jump!

Tony Stark Owns One T-Shirt

Either that, or not a lot of time has passed between this scene and the time Tony zinged Cap with that "billionaire playboy philanthropist" line from the original "Avengers" trailer. Stark's still wearing that Black Sabbath shirt, which suggests that not much time has passed since his heated argument with Cap on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Hellicarrier. That's kind of interesting, considering that…

Tony Stark Hearts Steve Rogers

The plain-clothes Iron Man professes that Captain America is a living legend who lives up to the hype, tipping his hand a bit in the process. Even if he's giving the time-displaced super soldier a hard time at certain points in "The Avengers," Stark has lots of respect for the man. So, if only a short period of time has passed between their earlier argument and the Tony-Loki scene, then something huge must have happened between then and now to turn Tony's opinion on Steve.

Loki's Making People Angry

This isn't much of a surprise, is it? It's already been revealed that Loki has scenes with every single Avengers, so it's not a big shock to learn that he's going around pissing off Earth's mightiest heroes. But based on the conversation, Tony seems to be the final stop on Loki's "Make Avengers Angry" tour. It sounds as though Loki's plan to ruffle everyone's feathers is already well underway, if not close to completion.

Hulk's Gone Rogue

In fact, Loki's annoy-everything-that-moves strategy seems to have pushed Bruce Banner and his mean, green alter-ego off the map entirely. The trickster makes an offhanded comment about "the beast" fleeing the coop, leaving us wondering: where the hell is Hulk and what the hell happened to him?

Someone's About To Get Their Ass Kicked

You don't need to have expertise in body language to see that Loki is itching to knock Tony's block off. And you don't need to understand how hi-tech weapons work to realize that those aren't Tiffany's bracelets that Tony's slipping on. One of these guys is about to get a face-full of pain, it's just a matter of which one.

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