Chris Evans Is Only Proud Of Three Movies, 'Captain America' Included

Captain America

With Captain America front and center for "The Avengers," it seems safe to say that Chris Evans' star will continue to shine if this movie does well. So needless to say he was pretty happy that "Captain America: The First Avenger" was as successful as it was in theaters, because now he has something to look forward to in promoting its ensemble follow-up.

Evans sat down with Hong Kong magazine Prestige and admitted that it is easy to promote "The Avengers" and "Captain America" because they're movies he's actually proud of. And, according to him, that's something that's pretty hard to come by in his career.

"I'm surprised by any movie that is successful. At this point I've made a lot of films. I've made about 20 movies and I'm probably proud of three," he admitted to the magazine.

At least two of them seem to be these two Marvel movies (sorry "Fantastic Four" and "Rise of the Silver Surfer"). Evans said he had nothing but good experiences while making "Captain America" and "The Avengers," which was a nice change.

"Not only was I extremely happy with how the film turned out, but it was such a fantastic working experience," Evans says. "Everything about it has been a positive. There has not been one negative, and thank God for my team and my family and friends for pushing me [into taking the role]."

It's no secret that Evans was initially hesitant about signing on to "Captain America," and was offered the lead role several times before he finally gave in and signed on board. Evans explained to Prestige why he was so reluctant to take on such a big role, a realization he came to while speaking with a therapist during filming of the movie.

"I think the main reason I struggle so much in press, is because I’m usually promoting a piece of s---. It’s really difficult to find a flowery way to tell people to go see this movie, that your face is all over, that your name is all over, that you’re endorsing. And then you begin to feel like a liar, like you’re transparent," he said. "With 'Captain America,' when I first saw the film, I loved it. I really, really did. I saw it and texted Joe [Johnson] and said, 'Thank you so much for giving me something to be proud of.'"

Read the full Prestige interview here and find out what Evans had to say about his experience with comic books, his all-star costars and his relationship with Boston sports teams. "The Avengers" is due in theaters on May 4.

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