'Powers' Pilot Recast In Today's Secret Identity

The television adaptation of Brian Michael Bendis' cop-meets-superheroes comic, "Powers," is going to be – er, we think it's going to be produced for FX. Well, at some point. This show has faced more setbacks than a fat nerd in a South Beach nightclub. The network sent the pilot back for a reshoot, then it was supposedly scrapped, then suddenly it's back again – it's hard to keep up.

The latest – unconfirmed – news alleges the pilot's entire cast has been released. Sure, removing every actor from the show appears pretty bleak, but here at Secret Identity, we're more than happy to offer up our casting prowess to help the cause. Here's our picks for a new "Powers" line-up, in case it needs one.

Kyle ChandlerKyle Chandler

About a year ago, rumors surfaced that "Friday Night Lights" star Kyle Chandler was being persuaded by the Powers team to take on the role of detective Christian Walker. If Jason Patric is (supposedly) out of the way, now's a perfect time to reapproach Chandler. Honestly, who among you doesn't want to see Eric Taylor as an ex-superhero cop?

Connie BrittonConnie Britton

OK, I know it seems like I'm cheating here, but whatever. Britton is perfect for the role of Walker's cohort cop, Deena Pilgrim. After watching her performance on "American Horror Story," I'm convinced Britton could play a hard-nosed cop hiding a secret. And, yes, maybe I just want to imagine some weird alternate universe where Tami and Eric Taylor are superhero cops. Shut up, it's awesome.

Max AdlerMax Adler

News of Khary Payton getting dropped from the role of Kutter was a bummer, but "Powers" needs a new jerk detective. Adler ("Glee") sometimes comes across as a boy-next-door type, but with the right chip on his shoulder, he could work perfectly as the smack-talking detective. While Kutter is a bit of a jerk, he's also a decent cop, and there's something mildly brooding about Adler's persona.

Michael RookerThe Superheroes

Obviously, it's not immediately clear which superheroes will actually make an appearance on the show, but the original casting of the pilot gives some hints. Adelaide Clemens ("X-Men Origins: Wolverine") could make a great turn as Retro Girl, while Michael Rooker seems like a perfect casting for iron-clad Triphammer. Hey, we don't know if he's even alive on "The Walking Dead," OK? Also, I just like Michael Rooker in everything.

If none of this works, I'm also not opposed to casting Patrick Warburton in every role. I mean, he was The Tick!

What are your casting choices for the "Powers" television series? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter!