New 'Walking Dead' Novel Chronicles Governor's Path To Woodbury

The Walking Dead

The Governor is coming to "The Walking Dead" on television, but he's not done terrorizing the comic book world either. Yet another prose novel starring the thoroughly vile Phillip Blake is on its way, and we've got all the details in today's round of Tights.

It's zombies, Joss Whedon, "Akira" and more in your pair of Tights today! Strap 'em on!

» The "Akira" remake might be on hold at the moment, but fans are still very passionate about the source material, as they should be. Case in point: "Akira" fan Masashi Teshima's pretty much perfectly-replicated Kaneda motorcycle, pictured below. It's fantastic, and it was built for charity. Double win! [Collider]

» Movie battle! No, not a revamp of the MTV Movie Brawl, but a movie battle of a different kind: in response to AMC's Marvel movie marathons, 25 Cinemark locations are launching Marvel marathons as well in the lead up to the May 4 release of "The Avengers." Get details over here.

» Is this what the Heroes in a Half-Shell are going to look like when "Ninja Turtles" hits the big screen? Because that would be very, ah, interesting... [Bleeding Cool]

» Cliff Chiang's Joss Whedon illustration for next month's GQ is a thing of beauty. It doesn't hurt that Whedon has a whole bunch of Avengers popping off his face, of course! [Robot 6]

» The Governor remains on the rise! Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga are officially working on another "Walking Dead" novel, titled "The Road to Woodbury," set to hit stores on October 16, 2012. Their previous book, "Rise of the Governor," is actually pretty great. Give a listen to an excerpt in the video below. [THR]

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