Batman Does Not Exist In 'Fringe' Alternate Reality

A world without Batman is nearly impossible to consider, especially considering just how much money "The Dark Knight" brought in back in 2008, and how much "Dark Knight Rises" is looking to do this coming summer. But there's one reality in which the Caped Crusader is long gone — the alternate reality on "Fringe," to be precise.

For those of you who don't watch the criminally underviewed Fox sci-fi series, there are two worlds at war with one another: our universe, and "over there," a noticeably different reality where different versions of ourselves exist, albeit guided by different choices and circumstances. There have always been some fun, quirky differences between the pop cultures of these two places, and another one emerged on Friday night's most recent episode.

Lincoln Lee, a rookie agent on the Fringe team, traveled to the alternate universe to help their version of Olivia Dunham and himself investigate a crime. During the investigation, Lincoln makes a witty Batman reference — a reference that flies straight over the heads of Olivia and Alt-Lincoln. That's because in this universe, Batman doesn't exist… or, rather, he's long dead.

Bleeding Cool watched the episode as well and reposted two pieces of art created previously for "Fringe," showing famous DC Comics covers refashioned to reflect the alternate universe. For example, instead of it being Superman who died back in the '90s, it was Batman — and the killing took. Batman's gone, with some hero called The Mantis patrolling Gotham City in his wake. It kind of makes you wonder just how different a world without Batman would really be… and makes you wonder about this Mantis guy that Alt-Lincoln and Fauxlivia are so fond of.

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