'Avengers' Clip, 'Dark Knight Rises' Casting And More In Talk Nerdy

The first "Avengers" clip has landed, featuring Black Widow kicking terrorist ass while tied to a chair. I love the scene, but my Talk Nerdy colleagues Eric Ditzian and Brian Phares disagree. One thing the three of us do agree on: the return of Liam Neeson for "The Dark Knight Rises" is completely excellent news. No, we don't know how Ra's al Ghul will return, nor do we care. Following the hot sauce principle, the addition of Neeson to any franchise is always a good thing.

Outside of the comic book movie realm, this week's episode of Nerdy also centered on some "Hunger Games" drama and offered a preview of the weekend box office. Get all that and more in the video above you, and make sure to let us know what you think in the comments section or on Twitter!