'Ben 10' Creators Discuss Live-Action Movie Plans

by Ryan Rigley

"Ben 10," arguably one of the best original superhero concepts to come out of the past decade, has been one of Cartoon Network's most popular cartoon series for quite some time now. Spawning two sequel series and multiple straight to TV movies, it's no wonder that Hollywood now has their collective eye on the sensational sci-fi property.

During a recent interview with Man of Action Studios, the creators of "Ben 10" and producers of the upcoming "Ultimate Spider-Man" cartoon, the team confirmed that there are indeed plans for a live action "Ben 10" movie. Already attached to the project is famed producer Joel Silver, who's resume includes the likes of "Die Hard," "Predator," "Lethal Weapon," "V For Vendetta," the entire "Matrix" trilogy, and many other well known, big budget movies. Clearly, "Ben 10" is in very capable hands.

When questioned about the film, Duncan Rouleau had this to say on the matter: "We’ve met with Silver a couple of times but it’s very early in the development stages to really discuss it any further than that. Other than we are also equally as excited by the prospects."

"It’s a live action film as far as we know," Steven Seagle informed us. "They’ve commissioned a script, which is exciting and we had a lot of cool conversations with Joel Silver the time we met with him about even which version it’ll be, what aliens kids like, and it’s super fun. But it’s super early, so not a lot has been firmly decided."

For those of you that are unaware, there are a total of three "Ben 10" series to date. "Ben 10," the original series, is about a ten year old boy that is mysteriously endowed with a watch-like device that allows him to transform into several different kinds of alien lifeforms. Taking place five years after the end of "Ben 10" is "Ben 10: Alien Force," a darker, more complex take on the original series. And last, but not least, there's "Ben 10: Ultimate Alien." This series combines the best parts of both of the previous series, resulting in a suspenseful yet funny cartoon appropriate for all ages.

As far as aliens go, our guess is that we'll be seeing a lot of fan favorites such as Fourarms and Heat Blast. But that also depends on which of the three "Ben 10" series the movie will be based on. Regardless, "Ben 10" is bound to be a box office smash. Being equal parts superhero and sci-fi/adventure, we think it's pretty safe to say that there's not a boy on this planet that would voluntarily pass this one up.

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