Lonely Island's Jorma Taccone Explores 'The Great Unknown'

I like Jorma Taccone. I like Duncan Rouleau. Put the two together, and I'm probably going to be a big fan of whatever they come up with. Which is why it's pretty fantastic news that Taccone and Rouleau are indeed crossing paths, in the form of an adaptation of the Man of Action Studios partner's "The Great Unknown."

The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop that the "MacGruber" director is on tap to adapt Rouleau's Image Comics series about "a slacker with delusions of grandeur who believes his so-called great ideas are popping up elsewhere. After failing to convince his friends and family that his mind is being pilfered, he goes on a quest to solve the mystery behind the idea thefts." It's a great read, and should be pretty fantastic on the big screen, especially in Taccone's hands.

It's a good time to be Rouleau right now—as a member of the Man of Action team, he's one of the creative minds directly responsible for the new "Ultimate Spider-Man" cartoon series. We interviewed all four of the MoA guys about their work on the cartoon a few weeks ago; check out the interview over here.

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