Thought Balloon: Donald Glover For Donatello?

The fan-driven campaign to elect Donald Glover as our next live-action Peter Parker didn't quite work out, but the geek community continues to rally behind the "Community" geek. In fact, just today, in response to my "Ninja Turtles" casting call, I received the following tweet from @CinematicESP: "Donald Glover as Donatello. Spread the word..."

Spread the word I shall! I can easily picture Glover's voice behind the bo-wielding hero (as well as several other "Community" actors providing voices for the Turtles -- Abed as Raphael, anyone? Maybe he's better equipped for Shredder). But then again, a big part of me wants to hear nothing but the Turtles themselves when they hit the big screen. Shouldn't it be about the definitely-ninja but maybe-not-mutant turtles, and not the star power behind them?

Either way, I'd be hard-pressed to complain if Glover was cast in Bay/Liebesman's "Ninja Turtles." But tell us what you think, in our closing thoughts of the day: would you like to see the "Community" star provide the voice of Donatello? Is this where the fan campaign begins? Hit us up on Twitter or in the comments section with your opinions!