'Ant-Man' Is 'Closer' To Happening Than Ever, Marvel's Kevin Feige Says

Over the years, just about every Marvel property has been optioned for a big screen adaptation. Of course, it’s not exactly likely that Power Pack will be rendered with a $200 million budget, but the promise of good intentions is still nice. Chief among those long-rumored projects is an "Ant-Man" movie, which has been discussed almost every year for the last several years without much public progress.

Now, speaking to Bleeding Cool in a video discussion, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige made slight reference to his communications with director Edgar Wright over the movie’s development, and whether we’ll see it any time soon.

"It’s somewhere. I’ll just say it’s closer than it’s ever been in its long maybe eight year history, and I usually e-mail Edgar every two or three days and over those eight years it’s got further away and closer… we are now closer than we’ve ever been," Feige said. "So I hope it will come together shortly."

Still a bit vague, but any mention is mention enough for detail-starved fans especially considering Hank Pym’s apparent omission from "The Avengers," though we may yet be rewarded with a cameo for our troubles. How about some Pym Particles to make the Hulk large enough to take out Loki’s alien army by stepping on them? Make it so!

Later on, Feige talked about how "The Avengers" might lead into later storylines, such as the "Civil War" arc that saw Iron Man and Captain America fighting an ideological battle over superhero vigilantism. But according to him, any nascent beef between Tony and Steve will just be good characterization, and not an overt hint at something more.

"You can obviously see that in the decades and decades of Avengers comics prior to the Civil War event, the conflict between the characters, the differences in world views of all the characters, that led up to what happened in Civil War, certainly that’s in this movie, you can see how different Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are in a great way," he said. "In this movie the question is are they going to be able to stop fighting each other long enough to fight the bad guy. Civil War would someday be a great crossover eve but here it’s more in the character interactions than a direct easter egg."

We’ll be able to judge for ourselves when "The Avengers" comes out in just a month.

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