'Sin City 2' Officially Happening, Supporting Characters We Want Back

Sin City

This week, we got the welcome news that Robert Rodriguez will maybe finally start filming the long-awaited "Sin City 2" this coming summer.

One of the things we know for sure is that Frank Miller has written new stories for the next movie, and a great thing about the world is that basically anyone can show up at any time. That means that even the smallest character could play a big role in the next film. Hell, the character might even be dead. It doesn't matter. Miller certainly doesn't care.

In honor of the news, we've compiled a wish list of supporting characters from the 2005 "Sin City" that we'd like to see play a bigger role in the next movie.

5. Brian

The Irish mercenary that was sent to take out Dwight at the tar pits never got his fair shake. Sure, he lasted longer than most of his crew, but there's a lot more badassery to be had. The guy loves explosives, speaks with an Irish brogue and he's played by Tommy Flanagan aka Chibs from "Sons of Anarchy." We rest our case.

4. Stuka

No one understands the annoyances of an arrow through the head quite like Stuka from the "Big Fat Kill" segment. Played by the incomparably sarcastic Nicky Katt, no one ate it with quite as much style as Manute's bald, bespectacled henchmen. For a series that takes itself as seriously as "Sin City," some comic relief lightens the load. Plus, there's never enough Nicky Katt.

3. Partially Decapitated Jackie Boy

Frankly, Benicio Del Toro has never been more comprehensible than when he was playing the reanimated corpse of a nearly-headless cop.

2. The Man

He was the man who introduced us to the cold, black-and-white world, and he was arguably the most mysterious. Josh Hartnett played the hit man we didn't know was a hit man at the beginning of the film and won us over immediately. He took out Marley Shelton before she even knew what hit her. While we'd like to see more of this character, going into background is not the right answer. Keep him mysterious, and we'll always keep coming back for more.

1. Shlubb

It's unfortunate that in 2005 we all weren't lucky enough to know the brilliance of Nick Offerman aka Ron Swanson, but now we do. Shlubb has to be back simply because we couldn't fully appreciate his appearance in the first film, and now we can bask in every glorious moment of that beautiful man gracing the silver screen.

Who do you want to see return for "Sin City 2"? Let us know in the comments below and on Twitter!