'Ninja Turtles' Villains: Our Reboot Wish List

Ninja Turtles

by Ryan Rigley

In producer Michael Bay and director Jonathan Liebesman's "Ninja Turtles," the heroes in a half shell will be "from an alien race." Fans are not happy about this, but for now, all we can do is hope Bay is right when he says the turtles are going to be "completely loveable."

At the very least, there's one thing that TMNT fans can agree upon: the turtles have some awesome villains. Yet despite there being three live action "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" movies, none of them featured any truly prominent villains besides the turtles' archnemesis, Shredder. The Ninja Turtles have an entire catalogue of villains that would be awesome to see up on the big screen -- like the five you'll read about after the jump!

» 1. Krang

This alien brain from Dimension X has always been one of the turtles' main antagonists. Originally, Krang had an entire body with which to conquer the Earth. But since then Krang has been stripped of his body entirely, leaving only his brain behind. Now Krang uses an immensely powerful mechanized, humanoid suit to get around, in which he rests inside a small cockpit within the torso.

» 2. Baxter Stockman

April O'Neil's former boss turned mad scientist, Baxter Stockman was the victim of a very similair incident to Jeff Goldblum in 1986's "The Fly." Deeming him of no further use, Krang tosses Baxter into a portal to Dimension X. Unfortunately for him, a housefly that had been on Baxter's clothes at the time gets its molecules intermingled with Baxter's resulting in a half-man/half-fly hybrid monster.

» 3. The Rat King

Donning a filthy, ragged, suit made of bandages, the Rat King is essentially a crazy homeless man that somehow has the ability to mentally control rodents. He is dead set on establishing a rat-controlled government and overthrowing the humans that he likes to refer to as "inferior non-rodents." In addition to being really crazy, the Rat King is also super intelligent which enables him to concoct various chemicals and make bombs.

» 4. Slash

With claws protruding from his wrists and an anger problem worse than Raphael's, this evil mutant ninja snapping turtle from Dimension X is the Wolverine of the TMNT universe. Created by Bebop and Rocksteady to do their chores, Slash is oddly obsessed with palm trees perhaps stemming from the plastic palm tree in his bowl pre-mutation. When Bebop drops the tree down an airduct, Slash goes berzerk and wrecks the entire Technodrome.

» 5. Bebop & Rocksteady

Arguably two of the most well known TMNT villains, it's a mystery to us why these knuckleheads have never appeared in any of the TMNT movies. Originally two dimwitted humans in Shredder's gang, Bebop and Rocksteady voluntarily put themselves through a procedure that forever transformed them into a mutant warthog and rhinocerus respectively. The procedure enhanced both their strength and durability but unfortunately did nothing for their IQs.

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