'TMNT' Reboot To Just Be Called 'Ninja Turtles'?

Ninja Turtles

Michael Bay's planned reboot of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" may have lost the "mutant" angle, but is it losing the "teenage" as well? That could be the case if the rumored working title "Ninja Turtles" is indicative of the way the movie will represent its lead reptiles.

Bleeding Cool has learned about the name change, which is also listed on Bay's official website. A source tells the site, "It seems to be driven by marketing. Think of 'John Carter' and how Disney wouldn’t allow for a title with either 'Princess' or 'Mars'."

Well, we all know how that turned out. (If you don't, it went very badly.) I can almost sort of get behind the new alien mythology of the Turtles, especially with director Jonathan Liebesman's continued support of Bay's vision. But taking away the teenage component as well? That is get a big daring, even for Bay's standards.

Bleeding Cool speculates that the whole age question will be dodged in the movie, and that it will leave all the Turtles' overly teenage characteristics on the cutting room floor. But can the Ninja Turtles survive without the "teenage" and "mutant"? That has yet to be seen.

"Ninja Turtles" -- or whatever it will end up being called -- is slated for a December 25, 2013 release date. Consider it a nice Christmas present from Michael Bay.

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