'Deadpool' Comic Writer Sounds Off On Potential Movie


by Ryan Rigley

It's plain to see that Deadpool, the merc with a mouth, has clawed his way back into mainstream pop culture as of late. With guest appearances on multiple platforms, ranging from video games to animated movies, Deadpool has certainly regained his status as a fan-favorite anti-hero from the late 90's.

But none of these appearances ever seem to match the Deadpool comic books that we all know and love. Most notably, his appearance in 2009's "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" had fans doubled over in rage, as the character that appeared in the movie couldn't have been any further from the original.

There have been several attempts to make a "Deadpool" spinoff movie since then, spearheaded by Ryan Reynolds himself. In a recent interview with "Man of Action Studios," the creative team behind the new "Ultimate Spider-Man" cartoon, we got a chance to ask Joe Kelly, the initial "Deadpool" series writer, his opinions on the feature film that is currently stuck in the pre-production stage. "My opinion is that they should just call me up and have me write the damn thing. Cause that goes without saying."

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"I’ve actually met with some of those guys over there and talked to them about the movie. From what I can tell, they’re aware of the fan reaction to how he was played in 'Wolverine' and are working very hard to make sure that he’s given his props," Kelly said. "There’s definitely elements of stuff from my run that’s involved in the film. From what I’ve been told, I think it’ll be awesome. Deadpool is a fantastic character, and if Ryan Reynolds still does him, that’d be really great."

Joe Kelly was the first writer tasked with penning the "Deadpool" ongoing series back in 1997. His initial run on the book was immediately met with positive reception from critics and fans alike. In fact, the series was supposed to be canceled by issue 25, but an online petition created by fans of the series got the cancelation overturned. Kelly worked on "Deadpool" up until 1999, leaving the series after writing 33 issues.

Steven T. Seagle, one of Kelly's "Man Of Action" cohorts, had this to say on the matter: "I just want to make the world understand that most everything people love about Deadpool, Joe Kelly made up."

"But regardless, [Deadpool] really does stand on his own," Kelly said. "He's such a cool, legitimately tortured anti-hero. And it would be kind of a nice shakeup for squeaky clean superhero movies that people have seen. So I sincerely hope it happens."

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