'Spider-Man' Musical Lawsuit Continues With Dismissal Requests

Turn Off the Dark

Can't we all just get along? Once again, both sides of the "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" musical are throwing claims against one another in their ongoing lawsuit.

This time, Julie Taymor and 8 Legged Productions (the main producer of "Turn Off the Dark") are each calling for the other side to dismiss their suits against one another. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Taymor believes 8 Legged's suit isn't valid because they didn't understand the details of her contract, and 8 Legged is saying that Taymor doesn't have property rights to "Turn Off the Dark" because the source material has been around for decades.

"Once the pre-existing elements are excluded -- including the Spider-Man origin story, its famous characters such as Peter Parker, Spider-Man, Mary Jane Watson and Uncle Ben, and even the most detailed portions of the treatment describing Spider-Man’s fight with Arachne, the remaining elements simply do not appear in the book of the musical," 8 Legged told THR.

Taymor, on the other hand, said that there never was a contractual breach like 8 Legged is claiming. Not only that, but she claims that the settlement agreement created by 8 Legged and her union preclude many of the counterclaims that 8 Legged is now bringing against her.

"[The producers] were not granted any right under the Author Deal Memo to dictate changes to Taymor or, in the event of a creative disagreement, to simply continue to use and change Taymor's work without paying the royalties provided for in the agreement," she said in her dismissal request.

If there's no settlement between the two parties, THR reports, then a judge will end up ruling on the case. And then, hopefully, that will be the end of it. After all, "Turn Off the Dark" wasn't a success until after Taymor left, and that must count for something.

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