'300' Sequel To Hit Theaters On August 2, 2013

300 2

Warner Bros's upcoming "300" sequel finally has a release date.

The film is set to debut on August 2, 2013, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. The late-summer choice is interesting placement for the film, as it's typically relegated for the dregs of the summer blockbuster movie line-up. Then again, 2013 doesn't have as intense of a line-up as 2012 does, and Warner likely wants to spread out their summer releases since they gave "The Hangover Part III" a May 24 release and "Pacific Rim" a July 12 one.

Still, the new "300" could have bowed earlier in the year like its predecessor did. "300" was released on March 9, 2007, and the surprise hit went on to make $456 worldwide. But now its sequel is up against some pretty stiff competition in the comic book film department.

Apparently August 2, 2013 is the day for sequel releases. Forget "The Smurfs 2," but "Red 2" could give the flick a run for its money. While "Red" was not as successful as "300" was (it grossed $199 million worldwide), it did come out more recently and is more fresh in audience's mind. "300," on the other hand, will have come out more than six years before its sequel/prequel does.

There are still plenty of people who will remember "300" fondly even though the filmmaking market has gone into some semblance of a CGI-slow-mo-big-action-set-piece withdrawal since "300" was first released. Fortunately, there are many cool elements at play in "300 2" that should win over uncertain audiences. Warner Bros should start their marketing campaign early, though, just to let average audiences know this film is even happening. After all, they're all probably still waiting for "Sin City 2" as well.

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